Gupamiga Foldable Playpen: Indoor & Outdoor 12+2 Panels (White)

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  • Foldable Baby playpen.
  • Safe and convenient.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Indoor Outdoor Kids Activity Centre.
  • Dimensions: ‎30.31 x 24.17 x 11.34 inches.
  • Made from non-toxic and odor-free high-quality plastic Materials.
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Foldable Baby Playpen

Introducing the Gupamiga Foldable Baby Playpen: Your little one’s safe haven for endless fun and learning! This versatile indoor and outdoor playpen comes with 12+2 sturdy panels in a pristine White color, offering a spacious and secure play area for your child.

Safety Lock & Non-Slip Base

Versatile Indoor & Outdoor Use:

The Gupamiga Foldable Baby Playpen boasts an impressive feature that allows it to seamlessly adapt to various settings, making it an ideal play space for your little one both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you need a secure area in the living room while you tend to household chores or a safe play zone in the backyard during family gatherings, this playpen can effortlessly cater to your child’s needs in any environment.

Its adaptability ensures your baby’s continuous exploration and enjoyment, no matter the setting.


Expandable 12+2 Panel DesignExpandable 12+2 Panel Design:

With a thoughtful design, the Gupamiga Foldable Baby Playpen offers parents the advantage of flexibility and scalability.

Featuring 12 regular panels and 2 additional ones, the playpen expands to accommodate a larger play area as your child grows and becomes more active.

This expandable feature allows the playpen to evolve alongside your baby, providing ample room for movement, playing with toys, and engaging with other children, fostering their social and motor skills.

Versatile Indoor & Outdoor UseSafety Lock & Non-Slip Base:

Prioritizing your child’s safety, the Gupamiga Foldable Baby Playpen is equipped with a reliable safety lock on its swinging hinged door.

This thoughtful addition prevents any accidental openings, ensuring your little one remains securely confined to the playpen.

Moreover, the non-slip base of the playpen ensures it stays firmly in place, even during energetic play sessions.

This non-slip feature gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their child’s playtime remains safe and worry-free.



Brand: Gupamiga, Color: White, Material: Plastic, Age Range: Kid, Package Dimensions: ‎30.31 x 24.17 x 11.34 inches, Maximum height recommendation: 24 Inches, Material Type: ‎Plastic, Number Of Items: ‎1, Item Weight: 32.7 pounds.

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