IFLETH Donut Playpen for Babies – Sturdy Kids Play-Center-Yard, 22-Panels, Grey+White


  • Donut Baby Playpen Safety Sturdy Kids Play-Center-Yard.
  • Easy Set Up and Put Away.
  • Triple Anti-Slip Protection & Safety Lock Gate.
  • Foldable Design & Adjustable Shape.
  • Made with High Standard HDPE Safety Material.
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Donut Baby Playpen

Introducing the IFLETH Donut Baby Playpen – a safe and engaging play-center yard that offers endless hours of fun for your little ones. With its 22-panel design in a charming Grey+White color, this playpen is a delightful addition to any child’s playtime activities.

Robust Construction

Robust Construction:

The IFLETH Donut Baby Playpen stands out for its robust construction, providing a safe and sturdy play environment for your little ones.

Crafted with high-quality, non-toxic plastic materials, this play-center yard is designed to withstand the rigors of active play and daily use, ensuring it remains a durable and reliable companion for your kids.

Say goodbye to worries about wear and tear, as the IFLETH Donut Baby Playpen’s solid construction ensures it can endure countless play sessions without compromising its integrity.


Spacious Play AreaSpacious Play Area:

Ample space for play and exploration is a top priority, and the IFLETH Donut Baby Playpen delivers just that with its spacious play area.

Featuring 22 interlocking panels, this circular playpen offers plenty of room for your children to move around, interact with toys, and engage in imaginative play.

The generous play space encourages social interaction among multiple kids, fostering cooperation and bonding while they have a blast together.

Secure Locking System

Secure Locking System:

The IFLETH Donut Baby Playpen goes above and beyond with its secure locking system.

Parents can be at ease knowing that the playpen’s panels are equipped with a reliable locking mechanism, preventing accidental openings or collapses.

The sturdy and stable enclosure ensures your child’s safety at all times, providing you with peace of mind as you watch them explore and play inside.



Brand: IFLETH, Color: White+Grey, Material: High-Density Polyethylene, Item Weight: 45.75 Pounds, Item Dimensions LxWxH: 71 x 71 x 25 inches, Age Range: Kid, Maximum Weight Recommendation: 45 Pounds.

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