Jinxia Baby Playpen, Sturdy, Kids Activity Center with Breathable Mesh


  • Extra Large Baby Playpen for Babies and Toddlers.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 71 x 58.98 x 26 inches.
  • Easy to Clean and Assemble.
  • Breathable and Interactive Design.
  • Safe and Non-Slip.


Jinxia Baby Playpen

Introducing the Jinxia Baby Playpen, the perfect solution for keeping your little ones safe and entertained. Designed with utmost care, this sturdy playpen provides a secure and versatile space for your child to explore, play, and learn. Crafted with high-quality materials and featuring breathable mesh panels, this playpen ensures optimal ventilation and visibility.

With its compact and packable design, you can easily set it up in any room or take it along on your family adventures. Let your child’s imagination soar as they enjoy a fun-filled and secure playtime experience with the Playpen.

Key Features:

Sturdy Construction: Built to last, the Baby Playpen is made with durable materials, providing a reliable and safe environment for your child.

Breathable Mesh Panels: The playpen features breathable mesh panels that allow air to circulate freely, keeping your little one comfortable and cool.

Versatile and Portable: With its lightweight and packable design, this playpen can be easily set up and moved around, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy Access Door: The playpen is equipped with a convenient door that swings open, allowing your child to enter and exit the play area with ease.

Secure Locking Mechanism: The playpen features a secure locking mechanism that ensures your child remains safely inside while they play.


Color: Grey Large
Material: Wool, down, fleece, Mesh Oxford Steel
Item Weight: 11.77 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 71 x 58.98 x 26 inches
Age Range: Kid

Invest in the Playpen and create a safe and engaging space for your little one to explore and play. Order yours today and watch your child’s imagination come to life!

Jinxia Baby Playpen Conclusion

In conclusion, the Jinxia Baby Playpen offers a sturdy and versatile solution for creating a safe and engaging play area for your child. With its breathable mesh panels, easy setup, and portable design, it’s the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their little ones with a secure and fun-filled playtime experience. Invest in the Baby Playpen today and watch your child’s imagination soar!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs of Jinxia Baby Playpen


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