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Foldable playpen 14+2+ Playhouse
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Foldable Play Pen 14+2+Playhouse with a Light+(1cm Mat)+3 layers Toy Shelf


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Introducing our Foldable Playhouse, a delightful and affordable play space for kids that combines versatility with functionality. This innovative product includes a Foldable Play Pen, a Playhouse with built-in light, a comfortable 1cm thick mat, and a convenient three-layer toy shelf for organized storage. The play pen is designed for 3-60 Months Kids, offering a safe and secure environment for imaginative play. The entire set is foldable for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With a thoughtfully compact packing size, this set is delivered in three separate cartons, ensuring hassle-free assembly and transportation. Transform playtime into a magical and organized experience with our Foldable Play Pen – the perfect blend of fun and practicality.


  • Foldable Design: Effortlessly fold and store the play pen, making it space-saving and convenient for on-the-go playdates.
  • Prepared for 3-60 Months Kids, the Golden Period of Baby Growth.

Weight and Dimensions

Overall82.3” L X 72.8” W X 24.4” H
Packing Size 1set/3ctns: Playpen30.11” L X 13.4” W X 26.2” H
Packing Size 1set/3ctns: Playhouse41.7” L X 4.7” W X 32.3” H
Packing Size 1set/3ctns: Toy shelf15.8” L X 10” W X 32.3” H
Color & Weight(kg)Grey & 31
Playhouse Product Table

Kids Playhouse Details

Installation Instruction

Playpen+house Instruction
Shelf Scaled Instruction

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